EBooks Formatting Errors Chapter 365

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As I’ve whined elsewhere on this site, Vixen in Velvet --aka Leonie's book--is still in progress. Can I explain why it’s taken two years instead of one and had to be rewritten seven hundred times?  Maybe I could, but this would take a very long time and a great many words better used in completing the book rather than explaining its tortoise pace to the finish line.

And this eternity of writing one book also explains why I’m still behindhand in correcting errors in eBooks.

However, as reported previously (here and here), Knaves’ Wager, The Lion’s Daughter, and Captives of the Night have been cleaned up.  Kindle and Nook readers have received notice of updates.

However I learned not long ago, to my consternation, that readers of iBooks and some other formats never received these notices. And so I put on my Sherlock Holmes hat and investigated.

It turns out that the iBookStore sends out update notifications only if the book is made with the iBooks program.  We didn’t use that program.  But that doesn’t mean readers can’t get a clean version of the book for free.  It only means they don’t receive notice about updates.

If you’re an iBook reader looking for the updates of the aforementioned books, you simply re-download the book from your purchased books or the iBookstore on your iPad.

As noted above, it’ll be a while before any more of these early books get updated.  Completing Vixen in Velvet is my top priority.  The good news is, I’m working on the last quarter of the book.