Scandal Wears Satin eBook on sale for $1.99

Popping into your inbox quickly to deliver some good news: Scandal Wears Satin, the second book of the Dressmakers Series, is a Kindle monthly deal. You can get it for $1.99 for the entire month of June. Since some of the other eBook retailers sometimes match the Kindle price, there might be a deal for Nook, Kobo, etc.—though I can’t promise.

Please note: This deal applies only to the U.S. We do have deals on my books in the U.K. at times, but this is a completely separate thing, because of licensing arrangements.

News from Brazil and Poland

My readers in Brazil have asked when they can expect the remaining books in the Dressmakers series. To date, only Silk Is for Seduction has appeared. But more books in the series will be out this year and next year.

Scandal Wears Satin will be out in November 2016.

Then, in 2017 we expect the release in Brazil of Vixen in Velvet and Dukes Prefer Blondes. We don't yet know for certain in which months they'll be published, but our best guess is June and November 2017, respectively.

In other good news, Bis publishers in Poland plan to publish all four of the Dressmakers books. I will post the dates if/when I get them.


U.K. eBook Bargain and eBook News for Germany

Most of the time, I find myself apologizing to my readers outside the U.S. because an eBook isn’t available or a special deal isn’t offered in their part of the world.

This time, though, I’ve got good news for readers in the U.K and Germany.

In the U.K.
Silk Is for Seduction
£ 0.99
Kindle Summer Sale
8 July – 31 August

Meanwhile in Germany, eBook editions of my stories have been scarce. Only the last  two Dressmaker books so far.

But that’s going to change, and soon.

My agents have let me know that the following eBooks will become available in Germany sometime between now and the spring of 2017:

Scandal Wears Satin
Silk Is for Seduction
Your Scandalous Ways
Not Quite a Lady
Last Night’s Scandal
Lord Perfect
Miss Wonderful
Mr. Impossible
Lord of Scoundrels