Dressmakers Series, Book 1
Avon Historical Romance

2012 RITA Finalist

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She longed to throw something at him. A chair. Herself.
— Silk Is For Seduction

Silk is for Seduction


Brilliant and ambitious dressmaker Marcelline Noirot is London's rising star. And who better to benefit from her talent than the worst-dressed lady in London; the Duke of Clevedon's intended bride? Winning the future duchess's patronage means prestige and fortune for Marcelline and her family. To get to the lady, though, Marcelline must win over Clevedon, whose standards are as high as his morals are...not.

The prize seems well worth the risk. This time, though, Marcelline's met her match.  Clevedon can design a seduction as irresistible as her dresses; and what begins as a flicker of desire between two of the most passionately stubborn charmers in London soon ignites into a delicious inferno . . .and a blazing scandal.

And now both their futures hang by a thread of silk…

“Chase mixes snappy dialogue, erotic tension, and the fanciful styles of the era into a sparkling love story.”—Publishers Weekly

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The instant the interval began—and before the other audience members had risen from their seats—the Duke of Clevedon entered the opera box with the Comte d'Orefeur.

The first thing Clevedon saw was the rear view of the brunette: smooth shoulders and back exposed a fraction of an inch beyond what most Parisian women dared, and the skin, pure cream. Disorderly dark curls dangled enticingly against the nape of her neck.

He looked at her neck and forgot about Clara and Madame St. Pierre and every other woman in the world. [read more...]


International Editions

  • Brazil, Arquiero/Sextante: Sedução da seda

  • China/Taiwan, Treetype

  • France, J’ai lu: Sur la soie de ta peau

  • Germany, Cora Verlag: Skandal in Samt und Seide

  • Greece, Compupress

  • Indonesia, PT Elex Media

  • Italy, Mondadori: Suadente come seta

  • Poland, Bis

  • Portugal, Said de Emergencia

  • Romania, Litera

  • Slovenia, Učila: Zapeljivka v svili

  • Spain, Cisne: Susurros de seda

  • Thailand, Grace

  • Turkey, Epsilon