Vixen in Velvet

- from The Dressmakers series -

From the Diary of Leonie Noirot: The perfect corset should invite its undoing...

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It’s unsporting to be seducing me when I’m preoccupied with trying not to get us killed,” she said. “Am I seducing you?” he said. “I hadn’t realized I’d got to that part yet. How amazingly clever I am.
— Vixen in Velvet

~ a letter from Loretta ~

My Dear Reader,


Vixen in Velvet has gone public, and I can cross my fingers, awaiting your verdict.

The story has received some very nice reviews.  John Charles, at Booklist, gave it a starred review, and concluded “Vixen in Velvet, the latest in Chase’s Dressmakers series, is a bespoke masterpiece.”  RT Book Reviews gave it a 4.5 star, Top Pick! review.

It’s also won me some invitations to talk about me, myself, and I—oh, and the book, too.  Mainly I’ve talked about process and research.  You can read more about the e-tour—interviews and blog posts—on my News and Blog pages.

Of course, while all this is happening, the author is supposed to be working on the next book.  As promised, I’m telling Lady Clara’s story, which still has no title.  But readers have offered suggestions, which I’m putting into a Suggestion Box, for when the time comes.  If my publisher falls in love with one of these suggestions, that reader will get a surprise prize. It’s a surprise to me, too because I haven’t yet decided what it will be.

For more on various formats and editions (including international), please check out Latest News and Blog pages.

Now I’ve got to go back to work on my Something Completely Different, but I hope you’ll make time soon for for Vixen in Velvet—and that you’ll fall in love with Leonie & Lisburne and have as much fun with their story as I did, though I warn that sets the bar pretty high.

I wish you a terrific summer (or delightfully mild winter, depending on where you are) and nothing but great reading experiences.

Sincerely yours,


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