Vixen in Velvet

- from The Dressmakers series -

From the Diary of Leonie Noirot: The perfect corset should invite its undoing...

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It’s unsporting to be seducing me when I’m preoccupied with trying not to get us killed,” she said. “Am I seducing you?” he said. “I hadn’t realized I’d got to that part yet. How amazingly clever I am.
— Vixen in Velvet

~ a letter from Loretta ~

My Dear Reader,

Dukes Prefer Blondes— Clara's story—is slowly nearing its end.   Thanks to recalcitrant migraine headaches, there's been a lot of stopping and starting, but it is coming along, and should enter production early in the new year.  It's now scheduled for January 2016, a much longer time lag between books than I'd wish for, but books don't get done by wishing.  If the writing gods are kind, however, I might be able to make some small writerly offerings between now and then.  Feel free to send creative energy my way.

In other areas, though, there's very good news.  The books continue to reach an ever-widening audience abroad, as I've reported from time to time.  Also, we're making progress in getting all of my books into audio form—and THANK YOU, readers, for your stunning enthusiasm for audio and for our narrators.  Just a few years ago, I thought I had a better chance of getting struck by lightning than of seeing—I mean, hearing—my stories in audio.  Now we can't seem to release them fast enough.  You are the best!

I wish you the very happiest of holiday times and a joyful New Year.  May you always find books to lose yourself in, and may you delight in being lost.

Sincerely yours,


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