Vixen in Velvet

- from The Dressmakers series -

From the Diary of Leonie Noirot: The perfect corset should invite its undoing...

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It’s unsporting to be seducing me when I’m preoccupied with trying not to get us killed,” she said. “Am I seducing you?” he said. “I hadn’t realized I’d got to that part yet. How amazingly clever I am.
— Vixen in Velvet

~ a letter from Loretta ~

My Dear Reader,

New year, new books.

Vixen in Velvet is in the last phases of production, its cover has gone public, and I’ve embarked on Book #4 of the Dressmakers series, preparing at last to tell Lady Clara’s story.  No title yet.  I don’t know the hero’s name.  But I’m excited about finding out who exactly he is and what makes him perfect for Lady Clara and she for him.

The early part of the year sees me traveling hither and yon, taking refuge from the New England winter in milder climes, with my trusty laptop at my side.  In my lap.  On a picnic bench.  Somewhere.

Among other interesting developments, Lord of Scoundrels is the first of my books to go audio, and in the digital realm, expect me to spend time proofreading more of my digitized books, to get them all neat and correct.

You’ll find more information within, including at my blog, where I try to post latest developments, excitements, disturbances—though not as often as I ought.

May yours be a mild and comfortable late winter.

Yours faithfully,


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