Carsington Brothers Series, Book 1
Berkley Sensation

One of Library Journal’s Top Five Romances of 2004

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I am not in love with you,” she said. “It is an infatuation. I have heard of such derangements happening to elderly spinsters.
— Miss Wonderful

Miss Wonderful

Alistair Carsington really, really wishes he didn’t love women quite so much. To escape his worst impulses, he sets out for a place far from civilization: Derbyshire--in winter!--where he hopes to kill two birds with one stone: avoid all temptation, and repay the friend who saved his life on the fields of Waterloo. But this noble aim drops him straight into opposition with Miss Mirabel Oldridge, a woman every bit as intelligent, obstinate, and devious as he—and maddeningly irresistible.

Mirabel Oldridge already has her hands full keeping her brilliant and aggravatingly eccentric father out of trouble. The last thing she needs is a stunningly attractive, oversensitive and overbright aristocrat reminding her she has a heart--not to mention a body he claims is so unstylishly clothed that undressing her is practically a civic duty.

Could the situation be any worse? And why does something that seems so wrong feel so very wonderful?

“Graced with compelling prose, witty dialog, well-researched detail, and engaging, exceptionally well-drawn characters.” —Library Journal

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Having examined the drawing room’s collection of pictures—which included several superlative paintings of Egyptian scenes—and studied the carpet pattern, Alistair walked to the French doors and looked out. The glass doors gave out onto a terrace, which gave way to a profuse arrangement of gardens. Beyond these lay rolling parkland and, farther on, the picturesque hills and dales.

He did not notice any of these landscape features. All he saw was the girl.

She was racing up the terrace stairs, skirts bunched up to her knees, bonnet askew, and a wild mass of hair the color of sunrise dancing about her face. [read more...]


International Editions

  • China/Taiwan, Treetype

  • France, J’ai lu : Irrésistible Mirabel

  • Germany, Cora: Ein unverschämt charmanter gentleman

  • Indonesia

  • Italy, Mondadori: Miss Wonderful

  • Japan, Futami Shobo

  • Netherlands, Uitgeverij De

  • Vrijbuiter: Beroer mij

  • Russia, Ast

  • Spain, Mondadori: Irresistible

  • Thailand, Grace

  • UK, Piatkus