Dukes Prefer Blondes Now Available for Pre-order

The day before yesterday, I got a stack of cover flats for Dukes Prefer Blondes, and jumped up and down like the two-year-old who lives inside me.

Cover flats are the covers without the book inside. Instead, they might have information for the various retailers about why they should buy this book for their customers.

Their appearance told me my book might be available for pre-order. So I checked, and sure enough, it was!

So yes, Lady Clara's story is five months away from actually getting into your hands, with a 29 December 2015 release day.

But if you like, you can lay claim to it now.

And you can amuse yourself in the meantime by taking a gander at the back cover book description. Just click on any of the following links to various retailers.

As a bonus, I offer for your viewing pleasure the inside cover. (Please click on images to enlarge.)

Since Lady Clara has appeared in all three Dressmakers books, we’re listing Dukes Prefer Blondes as the fourth book of the Dressmakers series, even though the Noirot sisters make only cameo appearances. This book is all about Lady Clara—and the man most people would think least likely to capture her wayward heart.

You can expect to see more about the book here and on my Pinterest page in coming weeks and months.