Knaves' Wager is back in print


A number of readers have written to let me know they vastly prefer an actual printed book in their hands—and ask wistfully whether my out-of-print books will ever be in print again.

Loyal readers, I’m delighted to report that the what seemed to be hopeless isn’t, and the process has begun.  Knaves’ Wager, the fifth of my traditional Regencies, is now available in print.

This is a print-on-demand paperback.

What does this mean?   In a nutshell (if you don’t feel like reading the Wikipedia entry linked above), a POD is printed after the publisher/printer gets the order, not en masse by the thousands, as is the case with appropriately-named mass market paperbacks.

A couple of notes re POD.  Different, slightly larger size than mass market paperbacks.  Not as readily available in bookstores, though easily purchased online.  And slightly higher priced than mass market, because one-at-a-time costs more than mass production.

1813-08 Morning Dress Ackermann-IA-Phila.jpg

Since I’ve finally finished proofreading my first two historical romances, The Lion’s Daughter and Captives of the Night, I’m crossing my fingers that by now those of you who purchased the eBooks have received notice of the corrected versions being available.  And I’m looking forward to announcing their return to print as well, before too long.

Remaining proofreading, as indicated in my June post, will have to wait until I finish Vixen in Velvet.