All About Romance Readers Vote Lord of Scoundrels #1

Lord of Scoundrels 07-001.jpg

Every three years All About Romance has conducted a Top 100 Romances Poll.  And in every poll since 2000, AAR readers have given Lord of Scoundrels the top spot.

I truly did not expect this to happen again—well, I never expect it, because the competition comprises some true masterpieces of romance.  It includes Georgette Heyer, by the way, and Jane Austen, along with some of the biggest names in romance and my own all-time favorites.

But yes, once more Dain & Jessica argued their way to the top of the list.

And more good news:  Three more of my books made the list:  Mr. Impossible (#12),  Lord Perfect (#26), and The Last Hellion (#57).

So there’s been some celebrating here.
Then back to the author’s reality:  Finish the dratted book already!  But the end of Vixen in Velvet is in sight.  At last.

And I return to my third dressmaker book glowing with pride and gratitude.

Congratulations to all the winning authors!

And thank you, my amazing readers, for putting Lord of Scoundrels at the top again!