Where are the U.K. eBooks?

  Ball Dress, Ackermann's Repository  

 Ball Dress, Ackermann's Repository 

From time to time readers contact me, asking why they can't obtain my more recent titles as eBooks in the U.K. and Australia.  If I tried to explain all the rights and contracts rigmarole, this post would go on for miles and everybody would fall asleep, and then I would have a cure for insomnia and become a very rich woman.  It sounds like a good retirement plan, but I don't have the time.  I have books to write. 

I think all anybody needs or wants to know is that the unavailability of my eBooks in these English-speaking countries has to do with certain publishing rights (and these are not the same for every book or every publisher), that these rights are negotiated, and eventually contracts get signed.

In my case, this process seems to have been going on forever in relation to the U.K./Australia situation.  However, after this apparent eternity, we seem to have dotted every i and crossed every t, and I recently learned that my UK publisher is in editing mode.  I sent in an updated bio.  My hopes are up.  I think this is actually going to happen—maybe before the end of the year.

Please watch this space for updates.  And virtual bottles of champagne. 

And to my readers in the U.K. and Australia:  Thank you for your extreme patience.