Love Letter to You

Thanks, Gentle Readers. You made me cry.

And you made me go straight back to work, but so much happier, because of course you understand—I had a strong feeling you would—but there is nothing like your taking the time to put it into actual, heartfelt words and send those to my inbox. Also, the depth and kindness of the understanding was pretty stunning.

Thank you.

I’m sending this instead of replies to each one of you because there’s not the smallest doubt in my mind—really, you made it very clear—that you’d rather have the book, however long it takes—and there were a lump-in-the-throat-causing number of them.

I’m sending hugs, too.

You are the best.

Also, the book will be a good one. It’s definitely improving already, and by the time it’s done, it will be up to our standards.