This book is late, really late

I know some readers are worried about the next Difficult Dukes book because they send me polite, gentle emails asking when Difficult Dukes #2 will be released.

I wish I could release the dratted thing from my brain, but it keeps getting stuck there. And just when I get it unstuck and rolling along, it falls into yet another patch of quicksand and sinks. And then I have to go fishing around for it, and pull it out and clean it off and see if I can breathe some life back into it. Why is this happening? I have no idea. It’s not for lack of trying.

All of which is to say, Difficult Dukes is way behind schedule and is unlikely to be released in early 2020, as we had hoped. After yet another overhaul, I am aiming for sometime not early in 2020.

I’m deeply sorry for being so undependable. It’s provoking to wait so long between books, I know. I’ve experienced this on occasion with other writers’ series—although, so far, I haven’t encountered any who’ve taken quite this long, and really, altogether, I’m extremely envious of those who are able to get their books completed, and done well, on schedule.

Thank you for your patience and your kind good wishes. I’m still working. The book will get done. Eventually.