The Lion's Daughter and Captives of the Night audiobooks now available

A couple of years ago, I never thought this would happen.  Loretta Chase audiobooks?  Right.  When Loretta Chase gets that small house and gigantic library/studio in, say, England, I would have said.  Or maybe several houses with duplicate libraries/studios in a warm climate as well as here at home in New England.  Fantasyland, in other words.

But things have changed.  Radically.  In the last year, all three of my Dressmakers books were released as audiobooks.  So was Lord of Scoundrels.  So were my traditional Regencies.
The latest in audiobooks releases are my first two full-length historical novels , The Lion's Daughter and Captives of the Night, which came out on 23 December.  We’ll be scheduling others early in 2015.  For more about my audiobooks, please check out my interview on 5 January at AudioGals.