Historical Myth Workshop in Burlington, Massachusetts

Image: A Correct View of the New Machine For Winding Up the Ladies 1830 (prob by Wm Heath), Courtesy Wellcome Images via Wikipedia.

Were our ancestors short? Did they brush their teeth? Did women have ribs removed to shrink their waists? Were there colonies of living creatures residing in the big hair of Marie Antoinette’s time? 

One thing I’ve learned in the course of my research, and as a member of the Two Nerdy History Girls blogging team, is that history is slippery stuff. We’ve discovered that some of the things we were taught in history classes could use some serious reexamination if not outright deletion. And many of the “facts” we’ve always taken to be, well, factual, might be the stuff that dreams are made on. 

Being willing to stick our necks out, Isabella and I have decided to take a bit of our Two Nerdy History Girls show on the road, and see what happens when we hold up some cherished historical beliefs for analysis. We hope rotten tomatoes will not be thrown, but there’s always that chance.

In any event, we’re committed, and here are the facts:

Workshop: Is It True? The Two Nerdy History Girls Bust a Historical Myth or Two
Romance Writers of America New England Chapter 2016 Conference
Open to attendees only

Conference dates are 29-30 April 2016

Boston Marriott
One Burlington Mall Road
Burlington MA 01803

We’ll also be signing books at the Book Fair for Literacy
Saturday 30 April
Open to the public