EBooks in Germany

A German reader recently asked why she couldn’t find any German eBook editions of my books. Since I had been informed that arrangements had been made with my German publishers, I asked my agent for an update.

Here’s the good news.

First, I found Vixen in Velvet online, so that eBook appears to be available right now.

Second, more are coming soon, including two at the end of this month.

The schedule is as follows:

SILK IS FOR SEDUCTION (Skandal in Samt und Seide) –October 31th 2016

SCANDAL WEARS SATIN (Sinnliche Küsse eines Earls) – October 31th 2016

MISS WONDERFUL (Ein unverschämt charmanter Gentleman) – November 11th 2016

MR. IMPOSSIBLE  (Eine hinreißend widerspenstige Dame) – November 11th 2016

NOT QUITE A LADY (Eine verführerisch unnahbare Lady) –December 5th 2016

LORD PERFECT (Ein skandalös perfekter Lord) –December 12th 2016

YOUR SCANDALOUS WAYS (Verführung auf Venezianisch) –January 2nd 2017

LAST NIGHT’S SCANDAL (Ein verlockend beherrschter Earl) –April 10th 2017

LORD OF SCOUNDRELS (Gezähmt im Bett der Lady) –April 10th 2017

Many thanks to my readers in Germany for their loyalty and patience!