The Grecian Style Bed & the Cupid Clock

Part 4 of my guide to Dukes Prefer Blondes*—

“The bed was a modern one in the Grecian style, with bare-breasted females supporting the bedposts. Apt enough. Lady Clara ought to have a pair of caryatids at the foot of the bed, guarding the goddess’s temple. Other Grecian-style articles looked on from the mantelpiece. An elaborate urn clock dominated the center. Cupid stood on its pedestal, pointing to the time on the revolving band encircling the urn.”

This bed in Ackermann’s Repository for October 1828 was my inspiration.

As to the clock: I was looking through Eric Bruton’s fascinating History of Clocks & Watches** when I came upon the lovely time-keeper below right, made in the later 1700s. According to the book, it’s in the Museum of Decorative Arts, Prague—unfortunately, closed, from what I could ascertain during my online search for a better image.

I found some other annular urn clocks online, most from a later period.

c.1900 French Miniature Figured Green Marble and Gilt-Bronze Annular Urn Clock with Cherub.

French 19th Century Louis Xvi St. Marble And Ormolu Annular Clock.

Leroy & Cie Louis XVI-Style Annular Clock.

Gubelin Alabaster & Bronze Annular Clock.

*A version of this post has appeared at the Two Nerdy History Girls blog.

**The book has provided inspiration for other watches and clocks in my stories, most notably the naughty pocket watch in Lord of Scoundrels.

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