Searching for the Manga editions of Lord of Scoundrels and Mr. Impossible

Scene from Lord of Scoundrels

Today’s Manga news comes courtesy Brilliant Book Detective Jennifer Mates.  Readers had asked about getting copies of the Manga editions of Lord of Scoundrels and Mr. Impossible, and I was clueless. Then, Jennifer came to my rescue with the following, which I've lifted directly from her lovely email:


I have been looking on the internet for more information. Sure enough, the publications from last year are not available. But I found a Japanese website which shows the two books will be re-released on 1st July 2015!

This website is in Japanese, but I've used Google Translate to help me read it:

07/01 宙出版 Ohzora Publishing        

ハーモニィコミックス Harmonist Text Comics

灼熱の風に抱かれて It is nestled in the scorching wind  [Mr Impossible]

狩野 真央/ロレッタ・チェイス Kano Mao / Loretta Chase    669円 669 yen       


07/01 宙出版 Ohzora Publishing        

ハーモニィコミックス Harmonist Text Comics

悪の華にくちづけを A kiss to the evil of Hana [Lord of Scoundrels - I think Hana means flower]

岸田 黎子/ロレッタ・チェイス Kishida Reiko / Loretta Chase        669円 669 yen

Scene from Mr. Impossible

If you copy and paste the Japanese titles and/or the artist/author names into a search engine you will find a few websites come up where you can order the new publications.  (Using Google, and the "translate this page" option helps!)

I have found them on if you click on this link it's the first two books - no cover pics yet.

And on, Lord of Scoundrels is here and Mr Impossible is here.

Both of these sites have international shipping. I have already ordered mine :)

If you're interested, here's the kanji for the Harmony Romance magazines you already have should you ever want to search those titles online:

ハーモニィRomance 8月号 [Harmony Romance August]

ハーモニィRomance 9月号 [Harmony Romance September]

Thank you, Jennifer!

Regarding the titles: Having studied Italian for several years only to find myself still at the level of a not-precocious toddler, I am acutely aware that languages very often don’t translate precisely, and many times the word that seems similar doesn’t convey the meaning properly.  English can be particularly difficult, because of its vast vocabulary and numerous irregularities.  Too, romance titles often have connotations that do not come across in other languages.

Japanese readers, please feel free to enlighten us about the titles!