Manga editions of Lord of Scoundrels and Mr. Impossible

When these arrived at my house, I went nuts. I'd never supposed my books would ever make it into this format.  So that was one thing.  The other was how spectacularly well done they were, down to historical detail, but also in terms of beautifully realized scenes. 

Even without being able to read Japanese, one has no trouble recognizing Lord of Scoundrels. So Jess's clothes are a bit later than 1829—more like 1835—but they are excellent for the time period chosen! And how did the artist manage to make her look so sexy in those clothes?  Not to mention the swoon quality of Lord Dain.  Oh, and the humor!

The same great stuff happens in Mr. Impossible, with Rupert captured so beautifully, in all his dashing recklessness.  And Daphne in her turban!

Yes, both books are highly abridged: My stories are included in four-book collections, as near as I can make out. Thus, Mr. Impossible's cast of thousands is streamlined to about a dozen—thereby reducing the number of murder victims somewhat—and Marigold, alas, does not appear.  But the significant scenes are there, and splendidly realized. I imagine, if anybody ever made a screenplay of these books, the movie would narrow down to such scenes.

Because these are in 1-1/4 inch thick books, scanning was tricky.  But I hope these samples give you the general idea.  Since there's very little English, I am not positive about publication dates.  However the spines give 2014-8 for Lord of Scoundrels and 2014-9 for Mr. Impossible, so one deduces August and September 2014 respectively.

If you've read Mr. Impossible, you'll recognize the scene below. Sorry about the weird spacing, but I can't always get Squarespace to do exactly what I want.