Royally Ever After On Sale Today

Release Day!

Two of my novellas from anthologies appear together in one eBook, with a beautiful new cover. 

These stories were written to coincide with royal wedding events. When Avon invited me to write them, I was a little nervous, I admit.  I hadn’t written any shorter tales in decades, and did remember it was tricky to compress a story into a fraction of the normal amount of words.  So it was.  And yet, it turned out to be a fun and very interesting challenge.

I do hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them.

Let’s hope the Gods of Time will be kinder to me in future and allow me to write more short stories or novellas in between the full-length books.

Expect some follow-up to various costume/setting/other historical references for these and other of my stories, here on the blog.