At last, Australia!

I've received quite a bit of email lately from my readers in Australia, alerting me to extreme difficulties they had, trying to get my Dressmakers series in eBook form.  Or any form.

I'm happy to report that most of the glitches appear to have been repairedSilk is for Seduction and Scandal Wears Satin * are now listed on Amazon Australia.  For reasons unknown, the SIFS cover doesn't appear, but I suspect this is another Amazon glitch. (Not the only one:  I've noticed that old covers for my books appear from time to time for no apparent reason.)

Meanwhile, I'd like to make readers aware that Silk is for Seduction * is available for download at Mills & Boon (who have the English language rights outside North America).  This is Adobe ePub format only.  The Mills & Boon site also has a contact page, in case you'd like to inquire about my or any other books they publish. 

Meanwhile, my agency is still working on the UK/Australia digital editions of the first four Carsington books (different U.K. publisher) as well as Your Scandalous Ways, Don't Tempt Me, and Last Night's Scandal.   Please watch this blog (better yet, sign up for the RSS feed!) for updates.

*Clicking on this title will take you to the relevant page for the Australian editions.