Lunch with Kristine Hughes

Adventures in Florida this year included lunch with Kristine Hughes, one half of the Number One London blog team.  

Not many days earlier, I had the pleasure of spending time with her blogging partner, Victoria Hinshaw, at the Southwest Florida Romance Writers conference.  


It’s always a joy to spend time with another nerdy history girl, and Kristine certainly qualifies.  There was not a yawn or a glazed look in the house (not at our table, at least) as we discussed posting and the business of changing horses (at length), the Dukes of Wellington—past & present—the Duchess of Devonshire (née Deborah Mitford) and her autobiography, the "Debutantes of 1939" video, Victoria & Albert & the wonderful book about  their marriage (We Two is one of the best bios I've ever read), blacking stoves, farming books, travel in England—including her and Vicky's forthcoming Wellington Tour—and other matters historical.  Yes, we found time to discuss some of the ups and downs of family life, too. 

Outside our window, a dolphin cavorted in the harbor, and egrets and herons and pelicans zoomed in when a fishing boat docked, adding natural wonders to the delights of historical nerdiness. Conversation with a historical kindred spirit, a great view, delicious food, and a refreshing cocktail:  How much better can it get?

Thank you, Kristine, for a fabulous afternoon!