Scoundrels Series, Book 1
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I distinctly felt something bite me, and I rather hoped it was you because—”

“You wished me to bite you?”

”Because otherwise it was another creature that bit me. There being a great many of them and only one of you, the latter odds were less disheartening, you see.
— The Lion's Daughter

The Lion's Daughter

Esme Brentmor doesn’t care that revenge isn’t a suitable job for a woman. She’s determined to avenge the murder of her beloved father, an enigmatic English aristocrat who lived in self-imposed exile. Honor demands that Esme let nothing and nobody stand in her way. That includes the handsome wastrel who’s become entangled in her life, whose charm does NOT make up for his lazy and irresponsible character.

Having gambled away his entire family fortune, Varian St. George, Lord Edenmont, now lives by his wits and winning ways. A man who has always taken the path of least resistance—preferably in soft beds with willing women--he does NOT want to become embroiled in a mad quest with a hot-tempered and heavily armed redhead.

But forced to travel together through an exotic land, the mismatched pair soon discover that friction produces dangerous sparks...

“Sure to become a cherished classic and all-time reader favorite, this dazzling foray into high adventure and romance will steal your heart completely away.” -Romantic Times

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Esme woke the instant she felt the hand upon her shoulder, and sat bolt upright. The room was still dark. “Papa?” she said to the black shape beside her. Even as she uttered the name, she realized the man wasn’t Jason.

“It is I, Bajo,” the figure said.

A chill of anxiety seized her. “Where is Jason?”

There was a long pause, then a sigh. Even before Bajo spoke, her heart was pounding.

“I’m sorry, child.” [read more...]


International Editions

  • China/Taiwan, Treetype

  • France, J’ai lu: La fille du lion

  • Hungary, Gabo

  • Italy, Mondadori: La figlia del Leone

  • Russia, Ast

  • Spain, Mondadori: El encanto de un bribon