Carsington Brothers Series, Book 5
Avon Historical Romance

2011 Rita Finalist

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Just because I squeezed my gigantic bottom into men’s trousers, you needn’t assume my brains have shrunk to masculine size.
— Last Night's Scandal

Last Night's Scandal

An unsuitable pair? Absolutely. But they just can't escape each other, no matter how hard they try.

 After surviving the perils of Egypt, Peregrine Dalmay, Earl of Lisle is back in London, facing the most dire threat of all: his irrational family....and Miss Olivia Wingate-Carsington. A descendent of notorious—but very aristocratic—swindlers, the delectable redhead has the ability to completely unhinge him, and a long history of dragging him into her scandalous schemes.

Olivia may be Society's darling, but she's aware a respectable future looms menacingly. And so when Lisle is forced to go on a family mission, she sees this as the perfect chance for one last adventure—even if it is with the one man in the world she can't wrap around her finger: but really, she only wants to help…

Which is why Lisle and Olivia find themselves in a gloomy Scottish castle inhabited by spiteful ghosts and craven murderers...and a shocking secret: the greatest peril of all may be burning within their own stubborn hearts.

“A wonderful romance featuring two characters of opposite dispositions who balance each other perfectly.”—All About Romance

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The crowd was so thick that at first all the Earl of Lisle could see was the fashionably absurd coiffure rising above the men’s heads. Two birds of paradise seemed to have their beaks stuck into a great loop of . . . red hair. Very red hair.

Only one girl in all the world had that hair.

Well, then, no surprise to find Olivia at the center of a crowd of men. She had rank and a thumping great dowry. That would more than make up for . . .

The crowd parted then, giving him a full view. She turned his way and he stopped short.

He’d forgotten.  [read more...]

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    Večerní skandál

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  • Italy, Mondadori: In Scozia con te July 2011

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  • Spain, Mondadori: La reina del escándalo Sept 2011

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