Traditional Regencies, Book 2
Signet Regency

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Heartless girl. You forbid me to hold you, and then you forbid me even to flirt with you. This is quite the worst engagement I’ve ever experienced.
— The English Witch

The English Witch

Her father’s prodigal ways have forced lovely Alexandra Ashmore into an engagement with a stranger, a man blind to her charms—and to her bewitching effect on other men. And when she’s kidnapped in a foreign land, Alexandra thinks she’s doomed. But her troubles have only begun—for her rakishly charming rescuer, the notorious Basil Trevelyan, is determined to make her his own…

“This jewel of a book is one readers will savor with infinite pleasure.” -Rave Reviews

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It was called the “City of a Thousand Stairs.” From a distance, the white stone houses with their elaborate red roof appeared to be carved out of the mountainside itself. They were white fairy stairs, zigzagging their way up to the medieval citadel. Veiled by the early dawn mist, Gjirokastra seemed exactly the sort of place where evil sorcerers held fair princesses captive.

On closer view the houses—windowless on the first floor, bay-windowed and ornate on the upper stories — were miniature fortresses themselves, clustered about their majestic parent. And at this hour of morning there were no fair princesses, nor evil sorcerers. There were instead a few women, most of them dressed in black, soberly going about their chores. [read more...]