Traditional Regencies, Book 4
Signet Regency

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Oh,” she moaned, twisting herself into the corner of the chair and burying her face in her arms. “Now you’re going to be gallant. I can’t bear it.”

“Shall I call you names, then, and make us even?”

“Yes,” was the muffled response. “And you’d better not be gentle.
— The Devil's Delilah

The Devil's Delilah


Sure to be ruined by the tell-all memoirs of her father— society’s most infamous rogue—Delilah Desmond is determined to suppress the manuscript. She enlists the aid of bookish Jack Langdon—whose rumpled brown hair and poetic gray eyes hide a most passionate heart…

“Various side effects such as grinning like a loony and occasional loud bursts of laughter are unfortunate but necessary for fully enjoying this delightful piece.”—All About Romance

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Rain drummed furiously against the sturdy timbers of the Black Cat Inn. Within, its public dining parlor, tap room, and coffee rooms overflowed with orphans of the storm. From time to time a flash of lightning set the rooms ablaze with glaring light, and the more timid of the company shrank in terror at the deafening cannonade of thunder which instantly followed.

“Filthy night, sir,” said Mrs. Tabithy, approaching one of her guests. “There’ll be a sight more of them”—she nodded toward the group crowding the main passageway—”unless I miss my guess. If you’d come but a quarter hour later I couldn’t have given you a private parlor, not if my life depended on it.” [read more...]


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  • Germany, Wilhelm Heyne: Die Sprache des Herzens