Traditional Regencies Series
Signet Regency

Rita Award Winner
Best Regency Romance

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What happened?” he asked. His voice seemed to come from miles away.

“You collapsed,” she said, “under the weight of my disapproval.
— The Sandalwood Princess

The Sandalwood Princess


Determined to uncover who stole her sandalwood statue, Amanda Cavencourt is shocked to learn the culprit is a notorious rogue known as the Falcon. Why would a man renowned for his dangerous and delicate missions indulge in petty thievery? Intrigued by the mystery—and rumors of the Falcon's devilish charm and good looks—Amanda sets out on the trail of the brazen blackguard. But what she stumbles upon is a man who just may be her perfect match....

“Ms. Chase has crafted another precious keeper.”—Romantic Times

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There were worse places to live in Calcutta, and better. Here in the crowded quarter, as elsewhere, the streets flooded in the monsoon season and the price of a palanquin soared in consequence. Fever, too, struck here, just as it did in the great palaces of Garden Reach and in the meanest slums.

The place stank, as all Calcutta stank. Indoors, the odor of ghee blended sickeningly with the reek of bug flies. Out of doors, the stench of death overpowered even that of animals and refuse, as the smoke of funeral pyres on the Hooghly riverbank thickened the broiling atmosphere. Incense only added to the miasma. In the near one-hundred-degree heat of midday, the noisome compound curdled and churned like some foul sorcerer’s brew. All the perfumes of Arabia would not sweeten this place and make it fresh again, had it ever been. more...