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"The Jilting of Lord Northwick"

You are cordially invited to help celebrate the Royal Wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton as we present a 77-page original anthology written by three utterly wonderful authors!

Stephanie Laurens' The Wedding Planner: Lady Margaret is proud to plan the ton's most important nuptials—including that of a prince. But it's Lady Margaret who falls in love…with dashing Gaston Devilliers!

Gaelen Foley's Ever After: How scandalous! Eleanor Montford, the Countess of Archer, is in love with her own husband. And as Princess Charlotte of England weds Prince Leopold, Eleanor's "secret" is about to come out.

Loretta Chase's The Jilting of Lord Rothwick: On the eve of Queen Victoria's wedding to Prince Albert, the Marquess of Rothwick learns his fiancée, Barbara Findley, has broken their engagement! So he desperately rides out of London to seek her out… and to win her back.

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8 February 1840

Two o’clock in the afternoon

The rain, two degrees from sleet, beat down with unrelenting fury. It reduced the rolling landscape to a grey blur, and turned the graveled driveway into a river. 

Hugh Fitzwalter, the third Marquess of Rothwick, slammed the door knocker again. Findley’s staff had picked a fine time to go deaf.

After a fifty-mile ride from London, the frigid wet had penetrated his lordship’s overcoat and was working its way through the coat underneath. It seeped into his boots and dripped icily from his hat, down his neck, and into his neckcloth. [read more...]