Traditional Regencies, Book 1
Signet Regency

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I hope you will remember I’ve recently had a concussion, and cannot be held completely responsible for my actions.
— Isabella


Isabella Latham has seen one too many Seasons to be considered marriageable. But when she comes to London to chaperon a come-out, it is Isabella who is sought—by more than a few eligible bachelors, including the handsome-but- wicked Basil Trevelyan and the roguish Lord Hartleigh. Little does the savvy woman know, however, of the impending scandal that will shake up the ton—and land her the perfect husband…

“Welcome a bright new light in the Regency heavens.”—Library Journal

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"Disappeared!" the earl repeated in a dangerously quiet voice. "What the devil do you mean, 'disappeared'? Seven-year-old girls don't simply vanish."

The thin governess trembled. She had never heard quite that tone from her employer before, and would have preferred that he shout at her, for his suppressed fury was far more terrifying. Edward Trevelyan, seventh Earl of Hartleigh, was an extremely handsome man whose warm brown eyes had often set Miss Carter's forty-year-old heart aflutter. But at the moment, the brown eyes glittered down at her with barely contained rage. And though his voice was low, the temper he so carefully controlled showed in his long fingers, which now, as he questioned her, were angrily raking the thick dark curls at his forehead. [read more...]