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This novella was previously published in A Christmas Collection anthology.

Falling Stars

A Regency Christmas novella about romance, forgiveness... and a second chance for a once in a lifetime love.

Ten years ago, dashing Marcus Greyson and naïve Christina Travers fell madly in love--and parted in anger. Now, wiser and more seasoned, both know better than to trust the wayward impulses of the heart.

But some feelings never fade; and the joys of Christmas and family just might rekindle a certain, special spark...

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Wiltshire, England
11 December 1818

If a man could sleep through the racket of early morning London, Marcus Greyson told himself, he could certainly sleep through the noise of lively children.  He pulled the pillow over his head, but he could heart it all the same: shrill voices and the thumping of little feet up and down the corridors. Even in the intervals of silence, he was waiting, braced for the next outburst of shrieks and thumps.

With an oath, he flung the pillow aside and dragged himself out of bed. He had slept only three hours. That, evidently, was all the sleep he was going to get. A glance at the window told him morning was well advanced—a winter morn so crisply bright it made his eyes ache. [read more...]