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At long last, the manuscript for A Duke in Shining Armor is in the hands of the copy editor. It will wend its way back to me before too long, for a double check of technical matters, like inconsistencies; punctuation disputes; correct naming of people, places, and things; and goofy spellings.

I kind of like that phase of production because it allows me to let loose the insane grammarian in me. I kind of hate that phase of production because I change my mind about usages and nerdy points of grammar and such—though I will never give up my Oxford comma, which I grew up calling a serial comma, as in serial killer. Made it easy to remember.

The book is scheduled for release on 29 November. Descriptions are up at the various booksellers, e.g.—HarperCollins

Barnes & Noble,


—and will appear here on the website after I get home from my travels and wade through the chaos.

A Duke in Shining Armor is the first of a three-book series dealing with a trio of disreputable dukes. You’ll meet the other two dukes in this book, and get a clue about their stories (and some others in the story arc) as well.

In other news:

While visiting the Atlanta Botanical Gardens (that's where the flowers came from) a short time ago, I received word that my 2016 historical romance, Dukes Prefer Blondes, is a Romance Writers of America®  RITA® Finalist in the Long Historical category. The Rita is the RWA version of an Oscar, and being a finalist is like being an Oscar nominee. In other words, it’s a very big deal, and I feel deeply honored. You can find the other finalists here.

Winners will be announced at the Annual Conference in July.



All About Romance Annual Reader Poll

I’ve just received word that Dukes Prefer Blondes has been nominated in the Favorite Funny Romance and Best Romance Heroine categories in all About Romance’s 2016 Annual Reader Poll. They had so many entries, they had to have a runoff.

This is a good chance, not only to vote for your favorites, but to discover books you might have missed. 

Best Romance, Favorite Funny Romance, Favorite Tear-Jerker Romance, Most Luscious Love Story, Best Erotica/Romantica Romance, Most Tortured Romance Hero, Best Kick-Ass Heroine, Best Romance Hero, Best Romance Heroine, Best Romance Couple, Best Paranormal Romance, Best Fantasy Romance, Best Science Fiction Romance, Best Historical Romance set in the U.K., Best Historical Romance set outside the U.K., Best contemporary Romance, Best Category Romance Book, Best Romantic Suspense, Best LGBT+ Romance, Best Debuting Romance Author, Best Young Adult Romance, Best New Adult Romance, Best Romance Novella or Short Story, and Best Novel (non-romance) with strong romantic elements.

Information about the runoff is here.  Ballot is here


The Reviewers Gave Me A's!

I'm very happy to report that Dukes Prefer Blondes has received starred advance reviews from Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, and Booklist, as well as being designated an RT Book Reviews Top Pick for January.

"In addition to the powerful social commentary on women’s role in society and the life of youth in London’s poverty-ridden back alleys and schools, Chase’s tongue-in-cheek tone captures tender and humorous nuances in character descriptions and actions, creating fully realized characters and a rich plot."—Publishers Weekly

"The tinge of mystery that thrusts the storyline forward—along with the sharp repartee, laugh-out-loud humor and steamy sexual tension—make this a stand-out read."—RT Book Reviews

"Chase moves beyond the couture Noirot sisters in her historical Dressmakers series, and the unconventional pairing of an aristocrat and a barrister, plus an exploration of London poverty and the well-intentioned "ragged schools," adds fascinating social and historical texture. Chase retains her well-earned star status."—Kirkus Reviews

Well, let's see what my readers think. Only a bit over a month until the book goes public.

All About Romance Readers Vote Lord of Scoundrels #1

Lord of Scoundrels 07-001.jpg

Every three years All About Romance has conducted a Top 100 Romances Poll.  And in every poll since 2000, AAR readers have given Lord of Scoundrels the top spot.

I truly did not expect this to happen again—well, I never expect it, because the competition comprises some true masterpieces of romance.  It includes Georgette Heyer, by the way, and Jane Austen, along with some of the biggest names in romance and my own all-time favorites.

But yes, once more Dain & Jessica argued their way to the top of the list.

And more good news:  Three more of my books made the list:  Mr. Impossible (#12),  Lord Perfect (#26), and The Last Hellion (#57).

So there’s been some celebrating here.
Then back to the author’s reality:  Finish the dratted book already!  But the end of Vixen in Velvet is in sight.  At last.

And I return to my third dressmaker book glowing with pride and gratitude.

Congratulations to all the winning authors!

And thank you, my amazing readers, for putting Lord of Scoundrels at the top again!