Leonie's story

Readers have been asking lately about the third dressmaker, Leonie Noirot, and her story.  The short answer is, it's in progress.  This was one of those times—rare but not impossible—when my writerly abilities were not in synch with my publishing schedule.

Her story wanted more thinking than I'd anticipated.  Not surprising that, not having got enough cogitation, it didn't work out very well.  Now I'm rethinking, which means that we've had to postpone the release of Vixen in Velvet until 2014.

The good news is, I've moved to milder climes, and anticipate a great stirring of creative juices, under the influence of sun and warm temperatures.

Expect photos, here and on Facebook, and occasional reports on this new world I've entered.

Right now, it's a beautiful Sunday.  Puffy white clouds are floating across a blue, blue sky.  The fish are jumpin'—literally.  They're mullets, and numerous theories have been proposed to account for their leaping out of the water.  You're at liberty to research these online—or make up your own, if you are fictionally inclined.